Ajijic / Chapala

I woke early to walk down to the town Square. So charming and ripe with the actual feel of Mexico. It’s early but the birds are chirping in full swing.

I amĀ  going to meet a woman. Most call her chef, she says she is simply lucky enough to be raised in “Great Food” places.

It started for me at a young age, growing up on the rivers in Louisiana. Shrimp, crawfish, oysters. Making a good gumbo was just something you knew how to do at a young age. As I got older I noticed that I had a talent and an interest in traditional recipes. So I started to practice …I guess it was a good thing“, she says smiling over a cup of coffee.

She’s nice, inviting. Plain spoken with a great sense of humor. She hands me a dark coffee with a slice of fresh bread and honey.

How did you come to know Mexico?, I ask.
I spent most of my life on a tiny island in the Yucatan peninsula. I was a fisherman and a diver for many years. When my son was born in 2003 I decided to start cooking for private groups in their homes. It seemed less dangerous and a way to make a living while caring for my young son. I have been doing it every since. I decided to move to Jalisco to start a new chapter for my son as he enters school with ambitions of attending the university of Guadalajara. Now, I will bring the Yucatan flavor to Jalisco, as well as take advantage of all the wonderful flavor there.

Do you still just do dinners?
No“, she shakes her head. She seems happy to share her success.

I do larger groups now, for all types of occasions. I love to do what we call mobile shrimp boils. I will deliver everything you need to have an authentic lowland boil anywhere you want. Some like it on tail gates. Some on the boardwalk, and yes some still like to eat at their houses.

Lake Chapala is a magical and peaceful place for me. I am very happy to bring my business here.
We love the crisp mountain air, the cool temperature allows me to prepare foods that I was not able to do on Isla Mujeres.

My home is Mexico. I just want to share it.
…see? Sharing is fun“, I say, joking about another slice of Ramon seed bread. “You’re funny”, she quips, “give me your plate”. As I watch her retreat into the kitchen, I look forward to having chef Logan cook for all of us the next time we have a special occasion.