Isla Mujeres

It all started with a fishing expedition in 1971. On a sport fish boat out of New Orleans, Louisiana, George Day came to love and fish the waters of Isla Mujeres. He made lasting friendships and eventually brought his daughter Logan—and she could never call another place home. Logan has been a resident of Isla Mujeres since 1990, traveling around the world from her home port on the is-land, working as a chef on sailing vessels and mo-tor yachts. “I use that term lightly” quips the very funny Logan from her kitchen as she is making breakfast skillets with local eggs, cheeses and chorizo. “I never studied culinary arts. I am a fisherman. But, I am from the south and you have to love food if you live in New Orleans or they kick you out”.

Now living on Isla full time with her 11 year old son Christopher, Logan has become known as Maki Happy Chef. “I like to make Maki Rolls and cook for people in a casual environment, that’s why I started my business Maki Happy Personal Chef”. I meet with the clients and we plan ahead about what their group wants or special diets they need and I make it happen”.

She seems to be very good at it because she is booked most of the year. “It is a joy for me to be a part of these families and friends’ parties”, she says as she is putting the finishing touches on 30 roasted chilies that will be the main event at an engagement party tonight. “Some have not been together all year and you can feel the love. It is great to make breakfast while they enjoy each other”. For Lunches she creates good solid healthy food; “and her Caribbean twists on Mexican cuisine”, says one client, “is an amazing experience, right down to the little ladies that come and make hand made tortillas”. Logan makes dining in while on vacation take on a whole new meaning. Thanks for the good food Chef Logan (e-mail: